Cleaning up the mess

I thought I should share the reason why I am restarting this blog after so many years of inactivity.   The Particle. The main reason, that started all this is because I am in the process of changing my email provider. All my emails, and I have more than I remembered, are with Gmail. I... Continue Reading →


Apologies for the mess

Well well well... After 8 years, I am breaking the silence on this blog to bring some new posts about things I like, and things I like not so much. One may wonder:  why or how... Well, I will make the story short, at least on this post. I've discovered that this blog, that I... Continue Reading →

The negotiator : Never say no

The customer service's job is possibly one of the most stressful jobs out there. People working in these environments must have the ability to cope with difficult situations, not once, but possibly many times a day. On the other side, we users of these contact centre, are most of the time unaware of the pressure... Continue Reading →

And now what?

Not a single post during the week. What happened? Arch Linux installation This installation took much longer than I expected. And I am not sure that I did everything as it should be. Nevertheless, it is up and running, with the minimal KDE set-up. I need to spend some time on it but as for... Continue Reading →

Recording a Desktop

Well, I did not write anything during the last few days. I was, or should I say, I am busy trying to figure out how to record my Desktop. I have finished to install Elive on its own partition as well as on a Virtual Machine (hosted by Ubuntu) and I was trying to make... Continue Reading →

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