The negotiator : Never say no

The customer service’s job is possibly one of the most stressful job out there. People working in these environment must have the ability to cope with difficult situations, not once, but possibly many times a day.

On the other side, we users of these contact center, are most of the time unaware of the pressure that the operator is feeling day after day.

Still, in most case, you would have whether the customer, or the operator drained after a difficult call.

So, I had my experience yesterday with one of those contact center. Now, forget about what I said a few days ago, about ranting and all this.

I had a duplicate order with Amazon. See, I was about to receive DVDs, intended as a gift, but the person had already those DVD.

So here I am calling Amazon. Well, first good point, you actually give your number and they call you straight away. Amazing !

Then for my issue. The website stated that it was too late for cancelling the order at that point and my option was to just send back the DVD once received.

Well, I explained the situation to the operator, and I heard “yes” .. Not once, but a few time. Now that I think of it, it remind me a famous sentence : ” Yes, we can !”

See, I was not expecting a positive answer, so to receive one, and in such a way, I thought : ” Woaw, now that is a very good customer service”

So here I am, sharing that very positive experience with a contact center. Hopefully, they’ll increase the salary of that agent. This type of employee are rare and valuable assets for a company.

Never say no should be the Motto in every Contact Center.